Q: What items do you accept?

A: Laptops, desktops(less than 30 lbs), cell phones, tablets, power cords and peripherals, gaming consoles and controllers, gps units, cameras, cable boxes, audio equipment, and the like. Anything electronic that fits as long as it’s less than 30 lbs total!

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: For the cost of a single label, you can send us as many small electronics as will fit in your box, up to 30 pounds.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: A Scrubb shipping label costs $25 and includes a free tracking code. This covers the cost of shipping and data removal for up to 30lbs of small electronics.

Q: Where do I get a box?

A: We strongly encourage you to reuse a box you already have at home. We find small to medium-sized boxes tend to be the perfect size (think your standard Amazon delivery box).

Q: How do I mail my box?

A: Shipping is simple! Scrubb uses the United States Postal Service. All you need to do is give your box full of electronics with your Scrubb label on it to your mail carrier. You can also bypass post office lines and drop it off at the counter of your local post office.

Q: Where (and how) are my electronics recycled?

A: Whenever possible, we will try to find new uses for the electronics we receive. If that’s not an option due to condition or age, we will responsibly process and recycle the devices here in the United States.

Q: How do you keep my data secure?

A: Your data security is a primary concern for us. As an R2-certified company and NAID Member, Tech Dump has undergone extensive third-party auditing to ensure that our data destruction processes are effective and secure.

Q: How is my data removed?

A: Our trained staff provides NIST/DOD-compliant data removal. Our electronic destruction methods allow reuse of the drive when possible, and third-party auditing ensures our processes are secure and effective.

Q: What if I can’t print my label?

A: No problem. Check the “mail my label” box at checkout, and we’ll send it to you! Too late for that? Email us and we’ll help you out.

Q: What if I’m a business?

A: We would love to work with your business! We offer free data destruction and additional services that are specific to business customers – including free shipping on qualifying electronics. Email or Chat with Us about your business needs.

Q: What if I have too much stuff?

A: If you have more equipment to recycle than fits in a box please Email or Chat with us.

Q: What should I avoid sending?

A: Please consider the health and safety of your mail carrier when packing your Scrubb box! Loose batteries are not allowed in Scrubb boxes. No hazardous waste (mercury, fluorescent bulbs, etc) or large electronics (microwaves) will be accepted.