How Does Scrubb.IT Keep Your Data Safe?

Scrubb.IT data security is handled by Tech Dump, an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler. Tech Dump follows a strict chain of custody from when electronics reach our facility. While we guarantee data will be destroyed through either an electronic wipe or physical destruction, some of our partners require a Certificate of Destruction (a COD) or a Certificate of Sanitization (a COS) for their hard drives, and verification of their destruction either through physical destruction or electronic wiping.

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So much of the talk surrounding data security centers around hackers, but let’s not forget about the hardware side of things. What happens when the old devices that your team uses every day like laptops and cellphones get upgraded? Not to mention servers, scanners, and copier equipment.

All of these business tools contain data, and usually company markings, that need to be handled properly so that you don’t end up with a data security disaster! It happens — and it is 100% preventable.

Some companies are vulnerable in assuming that they removed all of the hard drives. This can seem simple when a laptop has one hard drive, but what about servers that have multiple drives or printers and scanners that hold data? Or cellphones? Even experienced IT teams can miss hidden data. Tech Dump guarantees data security for all data bearing devices that we handle.

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Scrubb.IT In The New’s – Thank You To E-Scrap News!

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  by Jared Paben

A stack of old mobile phones for recycling.Tech Dump is rolling out what it describes as the only national mail-in recycling program that’s owned and operated by a social enterprise.

The nonprofit e-scrap recycling organization, based in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, unveiled its newly acquired mail-in electronics recycling program, called Tech Dump used to partner with, which was based in Minneapolis, before purchasing it.

Through the program, consumers purchase a $25 postage label, which allows them to ship up to 30 pounds of scrap electronics to Tech Dump for recycling. Accepted items include cell phones, tablets, laptops and power cords.

Tech Dump is a division of Jobs Foundation, a nonprofit providing job training and practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment. The processor has locations in Golden Valley, Minn., just outside of Minneapolis, and St. Paul. Read More at E-Scrap News….

Recycle Your Companies Laptops – Free Laptop Recycling

Scrubb IT will recycle your laptops for FREE and wipe the data at no charge.

Send your old laptops to Scrubb.IT. Scrubb.IT partners with the certified recycling company Tech Dump to safely and securely recycle your laptop and keeps your data safe.

All for the cost of a single shipping label!

Have more laptop recycling that can fit in a box. Contact us at 612-324-0061 or fill out the form below.

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How To Recycle Cell Phones in the Denver Area

Denver Electronics Recycling, How to Recycle Your Cell Phone

For the cost of a single shipping label Scrubb.IT will responsibly recycle as many cell phones and small electronics you can fit in a 30 pound box.

In today’s society, it seems like everyone is glued to a cell phone. Improved technology has led to an over-reliance on mobile phones making them essential daily gadgets across the world. The average American will buy a new phone after every 18 months.

To provide an alternative to sending cell phones to landfills at Scrubb.IT is  happy to receive and recycle all your old cell phones and small electronics. Contact us today to find out more on what items you can recycle.



Benefits of Recycling “Scrubbing” Your Electronics

Responsible Electronics Recycling with Scrubb.IT


We are still learning the harmful impacts of disposing of electronics the wrong way. Small electronics have plastics and batteries that are not biodegradable. When you recycle your electronics with with Tech Dump all devices enter an R2 Certified facility which means we have passed a rigorous intertal 3rd Party audit of security, safety, environmental, and business systems.


When you send your small electronics to Tech Dump through the electronics mail in program you are sending your unwanted electronics to an R2 Certified Recycler. Being R2 Certified means that all data bearing devices are guaranteed wiped of all stored data for every device entering our facility.