Month: January 2019

How Does Scrubb.IT Keep Your Data Safe?

Scrubb.IT data security is handled by Tech Dump, an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler. Tech Dump follows a strict chain of custody from when electronics reach our facility. While we guarantee data will be destroyed through either an electronic wipe or physical destruction, some of our partners require a Certificate of Destruction (a COD) or a Certificate of… Read more »

Scrubb.IT In The New’s – Thank You To E-Scrap News!

Posted on  January 17, 2019by Jared Paben Tech Dump is rolling out what it describes as the only national mail-in recycling program that’s owned and operated by a social enterprise. The nonprofit e-scrap recycling organization, based in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, unveiled its newly acquired mail-in electronics recycling program, called Tech Dump used to partner… Read more »